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Surface Chemical Physics (7.5 hp/7.5 ECTS)

Lecturers: Klaus Hermann, Anders Nilsson, Lars G.M. Pettersson, Thomas Bligaard and Henrik Öström
Period: Course start: March 26, 2014 at 13:15
Lectures: (Klaus Hermann) March 26, 27, (Anders Nilsson) March 31, April 3, (Lars G.M. Pettersson) April 8, 10, May 5+6, 20, 22 (Henrik Öström) April 23, 25, 28, 30, (Thomas Bligaard) May 13, 14.
Location: Department of Physics, AlbaNova University Center, Stockholm University.
General: The course will be given in English and is open to students in their fourth undergraduate year as well as to graduate level students (doktorand). Modern experimental techniques and theoretical methods will be given equal emphasis in the course. Knowledge of basic quantum mechanics is required. The course will use selected chapters from the book "Chemical Bonding at Surfaces and Interfaces" complemented by lecture notes and handouts. The examination will be based on specific problem sets to be turned in after the end of the course. Sign up by sending an e-mail to Lars G.M. Pettersson,
Lecture plan and lecture notes

1.      March 26, 13:15 FA31, Surface Crystallography I (Klaus Hermann)

2.      March 27, 13:15 FA31, Surface Crystallography II (Klaus Hermann)
Lecture notes
Literature list

3.      March 31, 13:15 FB51, Inner-shell spectroscopies I (Anders Nilsson)


4.      April 1, 15:15 FA31, Inner-shell spectroscopies II (Anders Nilsson)
Lecture notes, part I
Lecture notes, part II


5.      April 8, 10:15 RB35, Chemical Bonding I (Lars G.M. Pettersson)
Lecture notes


6.      April 10, 10:15 FA31, Chemical Bonding II (Lars G.M. Pettersson)


7.      April 23, 10:15 FA31, Kinetics & Dynamics I (Henrik Öström)


8.      April 25, 10:15 FP41, Kinetics & Dynamics II (Henrik Öström)


9.      April 28, 10:15 FA32, Kinetics & Dynamics III (Henrik Öström)


10.  April 30, 10:15 FA31, Kinetics & Dynamics IV (Henrik Öström)


11.  May 5,    10:15 FB41, Chemical Bonding III (Lars G.M. Pettersson) Presentation Rasmus
Presentation Ondřej
Presentation Lina


12.  May 6,    13:15 FA31, Chemical Bonding IV (Lars G.M. Pettersson)
Presentation Susanna


13.  May 13,  10:15 FA31, d-band model I (Thomas Bligaard)
Lecture notes


14.  May 14,  10:15 Group room C4, d-band model II (Thomas Bligaard)


15.  May 20,  13:15 FA31, d-band model III (Lars G.M. Pettersson)
Lecture notes


16.  May 22,  10:15 FE21, d-band model IV (Lars G.M. Pettersson)


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